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I aspire to bring you the hugest Services gamma under a unique frame: To be your Friend in Buenos Aires, that's the reason It seemed to me invit you to travel my Site, bringing you as good guide, this "map".

ABOUT THE SERVICE                        ABOUT BUENOS AIRES                                    SERVICES
The Service                                       Very Useful Data & Weather               Personalized tours
Advantages & Benefits                     Travel Tips                                                        Not-to-miss places tour
Customer References                      About Buenos Aires                                          Architect-Tour
Personal Commitment                       Places to visit                                                   Art Tour
Frequently Asked Questions                   La Boca, Caminito                                 Historical Tour 
                                                                       San Telmo (& flea market)                    Eva Peron Tour
                                                                      Recoleta                                               4th day tour at BA
                                                                      Plaza de Mayo Square                           Shore Excursions
MY FRIENDS                                                   Puerto Madero                                     TIGRE & San Isidro Tour
Oriunda (Trip Designer)                                The Mayo Avenue                                 Winneries & Wines
                                                                      The Tigre                                             
Cucuza Castiello, Cantor de TANGO             "EL CAMPO" (ranchs)                             
Tour guide Friends in Latin America        Palermo                                      
                                                                   San Antonio de Areco                         
                                                                       Parque Lezama Square
                                                                       Brief and poetic history                    
                                                                       What to see of Tango                        
                                                                       Tango Show & Milonga
                                                                       Authenthic Tango
                                                                                                                         ARGENTINEAN NORTH  
                                                                                                                                 The Wonderful Humahuaca
                                                         Other Places to visit                                     Infinit Salt Lakes
                                                                       The Tortoni                                       The serene desert     
                                                                                                                                  Green Tafí      
                                                                                                                                  Salta "la linda" (The Beauty)      
                                                        OUR BEHAVIOUR
                                                                      We came from ships, we live from cows and we dress...
                                                                      ...a huge melancholy
                                                                      The Tango
                                                                      The Asado
                                                                      The Mate
                                                                      The "Caña Legui" and "Butterfly"
                                                                      ARGENTINEAN MOVIES TO SEE, ENJOY AND UNDERSTAND

My honest apollogies if not everything has a link, when I finish my site...The site map will be also ready! Anyway if you are interested specifically in something write me when you want :)


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