Recoleta Cemetery Tour

The Recoleta Cemetery is unique in the World with its 5000 graves plempty decorated with sculptures, masonic icons and is also "dressed" with amazing stories. This Cemetery is a not-to-miss place to visit in Buenos Aires and is one of the most visited in the World. You deserve the chance of discover it! Evita Peron's grave is here but also there are many interesting graves. The duration of this tour is according to your interest, from 2 to 3 hours, and many people decide to return to it due to is melancholic beauty.

The visit to the Recoleta Cemetery is a travel to the wealthiest times of Argentina, a golden age for the local aristocracy who built huge palaces, lovely parks and this impressive graves. Is a city inside of the city, with streets and avenues, and of course this silent houses around.

You cannot miss this place and visit it by your own is to check only the 20% of it.  Enjoy the grave of the ungry widow, the mausoleum of the victim of "fingercracy", screen you soul (just in case payment is in advance haha!), find masonic temples and mini-gothic churches, discover the traces of the British Invasions and the Irish roots, the grave of the punished murders, the erotic weeper and more! Everything is there, waiting for you in this private tour.

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