Suggested Tours
Suggested Tours

The service is a personal city tour focused on your interests and also taking care to show you the Buenos Aires that no one should miss.

My tours are personal a one-on-one experience. You can ask anything you want whenever you feel like it! You can take pictures, chat with the locals, all at your pace – you will be the one setting the rhythm of the visit. A stress-free way of touring around the city!

In addition to  focussing in History, Art and Architecture, I also bring services like Tango Advisement (From enjoying a World class and realistic Tango Show to taking Tango Lessons or checking a Milonga

Buenos Aires is an enormous and heterogeneous city, and together we can skip out of the predictable “tourist circuit” and get to know the real B.A. 

If you are not still convinced, check WHY to hire me

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