WHY hire me

private-tour-guide-buenos-aires-advantages-and-benefits-of-a-private-tourPerhaps you already know why to hire a private tour, let's check:

- You are doing a customized tour, flexible and adapted to your tastes
- You will stroll at your own pace
- We can jump out of the beaten path any time
- A private tour in Buenos Aires represents only 1,9% of your trip budget...But you will see the double of sites than doing it on your own!
- It has the same price per hour than a standard city tour (And you will not be surrounded by 30 croudy people shouting, babys crying, as neither you will be herded to return quickly to the bus ).

But why with do a private tour in Buenos Aires with me?

- I'm local, born and raised here, you will stroll by my place, I didn't read what I tell you, I lived it!
- Lower rate due to no intermediaries, No big company, no big cost, direct deal…Best deal!
- You are dealing straight with the responsible for your tour
- This is a one person company, and every Customer is important, You really matter to me!
- I'm experienced (all those years joining Customers and all that curiosity, even delivered my own app about Buenos Aires!)
- I'm passionated: You will not listen a play back I promise you will live and feel the stories and the anecdotes!
- I can bring you tickets with discount for the best Tango Shows and advice you about which is the best show for you.
- I'm foodie and you are in the 5th best city on Earth for gastronomics, I can advice each little tiny plate, dessert or drink in dozens of local places, believe me this is not a detail.
- This is not just a work for me, it is a way of living and meet people, in consecuence I put all my passion and engagement on it. This must naturally imply an extra benefit for you!

Ok, now it's time to listen about your wishes and tastes, contact me from here!

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