The Recoleta

private-tour-guide-buenos-aires-recoleta-and-recoleta-cemeteryThis nice sunny area, plenty of parks, coffees and chic shops, is one of the most beauty neighbourhoods in Buenos Aires, don't miss to walk across Quintana or Alvear av, enjoy the pure style of the Iglesia del Pilar (Pilar Church), use your saturday evening in Buenos Aires to see the Hippie Market at Plaza Francia (Francia Square), and...


...beyond the scare, I will tell you about a huge colection of architectural jewels and nice tales, like the Rufina Cambaceres's story, or Evita Mausoleum, where you can know about the story of her Pillgrim Corpse, fountain to many questions, tears and novels. You can left Buenos Aires without dedicate an evening to this place!

Redesigned in 1881 by the same aristocracy that built enormous Palaces to live, this cemetery is an architectonic jewel plenty of little mansions, mini gothic cathedral and masonic piramids, though for the eternal rest, decorated with more than 5000 World Class sculptures made in France and Italy.

Artisans, sculptors, builders and materials from France, Italy and other countries of Europe, made the long journey to the future dead people dwelling and created this Necropolis (literally City of Deads) very similar to the Monumental Cemetery of Milano, but with unique features in the World.

The tension between the Laic-republican ideology and the Catholic vision, not only could be seen in different cripts but in the origin of the lot, it implied not also the expropiation, but the definitive lose of the right of the Church to ask for a rent for burying devote people on the Temple.

The masonic simbology could be easily apreciated in many graves, sometimes in a pure stile, others mixed with the traditional catholic icons. Also could be noted in the arch of the entrance, an arch absolutelly "roman-pagan", but that states in latin "We are expecting for the Lord" and shows a sample of pagan epypcian simbols (libelulla), roman (crown), greek (wheel, the Grim Reaper seasors), mixed with catholic symbols (XP, Crhist's monogram)

If you want to live this place in a passionate way and discover its secrets, write me 

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